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Dance school business plan

Dancing has always been quite popular and beloved by many. Someone does them for the sake of maintaining good physical shape and health, someone just for fun, someone prepares themselves for professional dance activities. Now there are a lot of popular types of dances – hip-hop, tango, samba, break-dance, strip-dance, go-go, jazz funk, electro, jive … The list goes on and on. And all dance styles have whole armies of fans who want to practice them.

Despite the fact that in big cities there are already at least 2-3 good dance studios, opening your own, you will definitely not go wrong. In this business, you can always find clients, the main thing is to give them what they want (that is, high-quality dance training) and carry out a competent advertising strategy.

Business registration
It is most convenient to register a dance school as an individual enterprise. Most likely, there will not be any difficulties in registering a business, since you will not face either the need to obtain licenses or any special permits. The premises will have to be checked by standard services – fire and sanitary-epidemiological – and a permit for its operation will be issued to you.

It is advisable to register a limited liability company only if the company has several founders and it is planned to create a huge dance school with several dance halls, a large number of staff and the intention to open branches of the school in other districts and cities in the future.

Choice of direction
Of course, there are large dance schools that offer training in all types of dance at once. But, as a rule, such large institutions “grew” from more narrowly focused ones, which once taught only one or two types of dances. Therefore, to begin with, you need to choose one or several directions. What directions can these be?
– ballroom dancing;
– Latin American dances;
– club dances;
– Street dance;
– folk dances;
– ballet;
– Eastern dance;
– for kids;
– other dance styles.

Each of these areas has its own dance styles. For example, the most popular Latin American dances are samba and rumba, street dances are hip-hop and house, and oriental dances are belly dances. A wedding dance can be made into a separate view. Many future spouses are specially engaged in dance school, preparing their wedding dance at the celebration. Yoga is not really a dance, but this trend is also often found in dance schools and is in demand.

How do you know which styles are best for your school? You can be guided byfind clients, the main thing : the presence of dance schools that already exist in your city and the styles that are taught there; your personal wishes or hobbies; the presence in your city of good teachers of certain types of dances; the current fashion for certain dance styles. If your city already has several well-established schools of oriental dance, then opening another one of the same will be unprofitable. Most likely, clients will give preference to an already “promoted” school. You can either combine several dance styles in one school, or open a specialized school for a style that is not yet taught in your city.

As you can imagine, the size of the premises for a dance school should be rather big. Therefore, finding a suitable premises, so that it has a reasonable price and is located in a convenient location, is often not easy. But you can’t do without it. The minimum size of the main dance hall should be about 60 square meters. Add two more dressing rooms (male and female), showers and toilets, and a hall. This is another plus 50-60 square meters. It will be good if you also allocate a room for a break room, where visitors can relax in between classes and socialize.

Perhaps a lot of money will be spent on renovating the premises. This is especially true for the dance hall. It should have a special floor covering, dance machines and always full-length mirrors on the walls. If you manage to find a room for rent, where you have already been engaged in dancing and where all this is already there, you will significantly reduce your costs. If not, you will have to complete and install all this yourself.

For a dance studio, you can use the premises both in the city center and in sleeping areas. If you choose the center, then your school will quickly become popular and prestigious. You will be able to charge clients a higher tuition fee than schools located on the outskirts. But the rent for premises in the center, of course, will be higher. In the case of a location in a residential area, you win in terms of competition, or rather, its lack. The rent for the premises will be lower, but you will also have to pay less for the lessons than in the schools in the center. High attendance at a school on the outskirts of town will be difficult.

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