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Dresses for rent – 6 types of clothing for a profitable business

Features and relevance of business ideas for dresses for rent
A rental dress can be an excellent solution to the problem: what to go to a party, event, corporate party. Often, ladies do not see the point in buying a dress for one evening, but prefer to rent it if you need to go to a wedding, gala dinner, theme parties. In this case, the dress rental service will come in handy, which is in great demand in large cities.

Features of business idea for dresses for rent
This business has several features to consider:

Investments. The size of the investment depends on the scale of your enterprise: assortment, size range, etc.
Location. You need to know your target audience well and locate the salon as convenient as possible for potential customers.
Marketing. This business requires a lot of advertising costs, since people use dress rental services from time to time. Therefore, information about your salon should always be at hand.
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A step-by-step plan for launching a dress rental salon for special events, photo shoots
Before starting a business, do some market research for dresses rental services for parties, photo shoots in your area. Find out if there is a demand for rental dresses, how competitors work, what are their strengths and weaknesses. Think about how you will differ from them, develop a unique selling proposition (USP).

A step-by-step plan for launching a dress rental salon
To work legally, register your business first. You can register as an individual entrepreneur. To do this, submit to the tax authority:

a photocopy of the business owner’s passport;
application in the form of the Federal Tax Service;
a receipt for payment of the state duty.
It is easier to do business as an individual entrepreneur: accounting and tax reporting is easier.

If the business is opened by several people, register a legal entity (for example, LLC).

When registering, you must specify the OKVED code 71.40.9. It applies to all groups of goods, the rental of which is provided by such salons.

In addition to the certificate of state registration, you will need to obtain permission from the sanitary service and fire authorities.
Order stamps and forms of contracts with clients. The contract is the main document describing the relationship between the salon and its clients. Therefore, it is important that it is correctly drawn up and contains comprehensive information about the responsibilities of the parties. It is better to consult with lawyers.

The ideal location for a dress rental salon is in the city center, not far from brand shops, beauty salons, photo studios. A good choice would be to rent premises in a shopping and entertainment center, on the first line of shopping and pedestrian streets. Showcase windows, bright informative signboard, street lines will attract attention and be remembered by passers-by.

Premises for a salon of dresses for rent
An area of ​​20 m² is considered sufficient for a sales area. The space is divided into:

hall for visitors;
pantry for dresses and suits;
dressing area;
a room for minor repairs and clothing care;
a place for employees to rest.
It is important that the room has good lighting.
Take care of the comfort of the salon visitors. It is better to decorate the room in light shades; large windows can become an additional source of illumination. To avoid the feeling of cramped space and limited space, the hall should have high ceilings. The entire interior should be conducive to a calm choice of formal clothes.

Put a cozy sofa or armchairs in the waiting area, you can offer visitors drinks, magazines.

You can equip the salon by purchasing a regular set for a clothing store:

fitting rooms;
cash register.
Mannequins are best used to showcase the most spectacular models. The rest can be placed on racks and racks with hangers.

If you intend to offer for rent shoes, accessories, etc., they will require separate display cases.

Buy sewing equipment: overlock and sewing machine. This way you can expand your range of services and offer tailoring for more than just rented dresses.

To keep things tidy, you need a steamer, iron and ironing board.

You will also need office equipment: MFP, stationary computer or laptop with software.

The choice of suppliers depends on the direction of the salon, the preferences of the owner, demand, and assortment.

At the beginning of work, it is worth forming an offer depending on the season. So, in summer and early autumn, the owners of such businesses note an increasing demand for wedding assortments, in May – for prom dresses, closer to New Year’s holidays – for carnival costumes and evening dresses.

Supplier selection
Usually rental salons offer the following dresses:

for pregnant;
for photo shoots in different styles;
If your budget does not allow you to buy all items at once, start with a few dresses from a popular brand or the most popular models.

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