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Recycling tires. Tire recycling business

The problem of recycling tires is very relevant at the current stage of development in Russia. The natural decay of tires takes 120-150 years. There is not enough space at landfills set aside for these purposes, which leads to the appearance of unauthorized dumps. The issue is being resolved by launching tires for processing for the production of crumb rubber.
What is tire recycling for?
A tire recycling business is a pretty good investment, guaranteeing a monthly income. Crumb rubber is a basic raw material for road surfaces, tiles, fillers.

Recycling tires. Tire recycling business
Unlike European countries, this industry is poorly developed in Russia. This increases the competitiveness and annual income of over RUB 1 million. The cost of entering the consumer market slows down the development of tire recycling. A budding entrepreneur will have to pay at least five million rubles to find premises for rent and install modern technological equipment in it.

How to start a tire recycling business
To organize a tire recycling production, you need to be ready to spend 5 million rubles at the first stage. The amount depends on the purchase price of the machines and the rent for the area. Given the unstable financial and economic situation in the country, it is recommended not to resort to lending and leasing, but to use personal savings.

The first step is to contact your local Internal Revenue Service for an Sole Proprietor Certificate. The point to which attention is paid is the correct definition of the OKVED code. Required values: 38.32 “Disposal of sorted materials” and 38.32.54 “Treatment of rubber waste”. Registration of a license is not required.

The primary costs are as follows:
• Payment for the repayment of rent for a period of six months;
• Preparation of the premises;
• Purchase of the necessary equipment;
• Registration of individual entrepreneurs, admissions of SES, Rospotrebnadzor, fire service;
• Training of employees;
• Advertising.

The premises in which the work will take place should be located on the outskirts of the city or in an industrial area. The area cannot be less than 80 sq.m. It is imperative to have an adjacent area or hangar for storing production material.

It is necessary to carefully study and set up a sales channel for secondary raw materials and a system for receiving automobile tires from individuals.

The profit is made up of the amount of sold crumb rubber and steel cord. According to 2018 data, one kilogram of a secondary product costs 25 rubles. When processing a ton of tires, 700 kg are obtained. crumbs. This amount of material is used when working on one line, a standard working day – 8 hours.

As a result of simple calculations, we get a monthly income of 280 thousand rubles, an annual income of almost 3.5 million rubles. This is the so-called “gray” profit, from which you need to deduct the cost of rent, utilities, material procurement, advertising campaigns, workers’ wages. The net annual income is 1.1-1.4 million rubles.

Recycling tires. Tire recycling business
What secondary raw materials can be obtained when recycling tires
As a result of grinding tires, the following materials can be obtained;
• Rubber crumb of fractions from 1 to 5 mm;
• Textile cord;
• Metal cord.

The crumb is used for the manufacture of sports track and field coverings for arenas and stadiums, soles for sports shoes, automobile rubber products, serves as the basis for speed bumps.

Textile cord can be used as insulation, noise insulation material, filler for mats and mattresses. The metal cord is used as a reinforced concrete additive.

Rubber processing technology
The process of making crumb rubber from car tires consists of seven stages:

Quality control of accepted car tires.
Primary grinding – the material is cut into pieces of at least 200x200mm in size.
Removal of metal elements with a magnet.
Processing to the final fraction using a crusher.
Separation, in the process of which the extraction of textile and metal cords takes place.
Distribution by faction.
Packing and sending to the warehouse.
The tire crumbling business is profitable and simple enough. It does not have complex circuits, a large number of different equipment, it does not require a lot of workers. Low competition in this area ensures a constant inflow and outflow of primary and secondary raw materials, which guarantees stable operation.

When organizing production, it is necessary to take into account possible risks: the search for high-quality material, a decrease in demand for the manufactured product and, as a result, an increase in the payback period of the case. If you approach the foundation of a business, taking into account all the nuances and correctly organize the workflow, in 5 years you can reach a net profit.

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