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How to open a cargo car service

The number of cars on the territory of the CIS countries is growing inexorably, therefore, car service services for both cars and trucks are becoming more than in demand.

Statistics show that at the moment there is a shortage of auto repair shops for the freight mode of transport – there are 2 times less of them than is necessary for the number of cars that we have. Having invested money at the start of a business, in the future you can have a stable high profit from opening a freight service station.

Just like opening a car service for passenger cars, you have to take care of many of the nuances that will ultimately build your business into a coherent picture. This includes searching for premises, documenting the business, compiling a list of services provided, and more.

Place for a cargo car service
When choosing the premises in which the auto repair shop will be located, one must take into account the fact that the law forbids opening such enterprises closer than 50 m to water bodies and residential complexes.

Consider also the requirements for the premises in the presence of a sewerage system and a centralized water supply. It is good if there are highways, gas stations and garage areas next to the auto repair shop.

How to open a cargo car service
Required documents
To open a cargo service station, you must collect a certain package of papers. It includes:

A document confirming the fact of the purchase of premises or a lease agreement.
Permits from the fire inspection and sanitary and epidemiological station.
Heating and water supply contracts.
A document confirming the compliance of works with service standards.
Tax registration certificate.
What the truck service offers
Today the full range of services includes about 100 items. Providing all types of services is possible only with a competent business organization and the availability of full technical equipment. The most common types of work are:

Assembly and disassembly.
Lubricating and filling stations.
Tin welding.
Steering and system repair.
Engine repair.
Battery charging.
Painting works.
What equipment to buy and in what quantity depends, of course, on the size of your workshop and the services provided. We are considering a medium-sized car service with a standard list of services, so the equipment you need is something like this:

Engine repair systems.
Oil and liquid filling stands.
Assembly and disassembly complexes.
Lifting mechanisms.
Rack lifts.
Equipment for lubrication of units.
Tire repair stands.
Balancing equipment.
The possible amount of profit directly depends on the list of services that the cargo auto repair shop will provide. You need to understand which jobs bring more and less income. The most demanded are works of a locksmith nature. Bodywork and paint jobs are a little less popular, but also account for a good percentage of the total profit. Try to focus around them in order to achieve the greatest financial impact.

How to open a cargo car service
Service demand
The most lucrative months of the year for truck garages have been observed to be November and December. It is in this month that the largest number of truck owners is “activated”. At the beginning of summer, demand declines, and reaches its minimum in August. However, not all types of services are subject to seasonality. For example, removing dents and adjusting mufflers are services that are in the same demand all year round.

Business plan
When compiling it, you need to pay attention to the peculiarities of conducting such activities in your region. Here are some examples of fixed costs for you:

Rent – $ 5000
Community bills – $ 1000
Garbage collection – $ 55
Water consumption – $ 550
Advertising – $ 680
Inline repair – $ 800
Tools – $ 540
Additional costs – $ 900
Items of income:

Tire service – $ 1600
Painting works – $ 10200
Lifts – $ 13600
Diagnostics – $ 5000
Washing – $ 3500
Pit – $ 2700
Cleaning, hauling – $ 1700
Convergence disorder – 7000
Tin workshop – 20400

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