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Profitable car. How to get passive income from cars

Cars can be used as a way to travel, and make them a source of permanent large passive income. Among other types of investments, cars have a number of fundamental advantages:

Acceptability for all. Inexpensive cars can be purchased. Real estate costs about several million rubles. Virtually any person can buy it in cash or borrow it. Starting investments from 7000 rubles.
Great profitability. It depends on what investment strategy a profitable car will give from 40 to 6000 percent per year.
These are tangible savings. You can earn money on a car from the first day of purchase. It has value and material form, which unfinished houses and investments in stocks / bonds do not have.
Therefore, cars are a tempting investment for every person.

Earning potential is the main factor that every investor is interested in. Income depends on various indicators:

Car purchase plan: with your own funds, with a loan or income from a rented car.
Category: luxury, comfort, economy +, etc.
Operation plan. Varies with the time given. Direct proportionality to income.
Here are the graphs of the desired profit from the purchase of a car:

How to buy First installment How to use Profitability including all expenses
For cash 0% We rent ourselves 70-80%
For cash 0% We rent to the management company 40-60%
Installment plan 30% We rent ourselves or through a management company 500-700%
Car loan 30% We rent ourselves or through a management company 150-200%
Car loan 0% We rent ourselves or through a management company up to 6000%
There are schemes that make it possible to receive from 40,000 rubles or more per month from a rented car. Details are shown below.

The main income schemes for cars
Car income options:

A common type is to buy a car using your own / borrowed money and rent it daily. If it is bought with personal money, the profit of such an investment will be 80-95 percent per year.

First example: 2-year-old HyundaiSolaris (economy)

Acquisition costs – 530,000 rubles.
Daily profit – 1700 rubles.
3-year income after deducting all expenses – one and a half million rubles.
Profitability – 94% per annum
Profitable car. How to get passive income from cars
Second example: 2-year-old NissanTeana

Acquisition costs – 1 million rubles.
Daily profit – 2,800 rubles.
3-year income after deducting all expenses – 2 and a half million rubles.
Profitability – 84% per year
The highest profitability is with credit cars with zero initial payment.

Profitable car. How to get passive income from cars
Third example: HyundaiSolaris with 0 entry fee

Acquisition costs – 7,100 rubles. (renewal and OSAGO)
Daily profit – 1,700 rubles.
Payment for the loan – 20,700 rubles.
3-year income after deducting all expenses – 1,278,000 rubles.
Profitability – 6,000%
Profitable car. How to get passive income from cars
You can rent cars personally or use the services of a management company. In the second option, the profit will be slightly less, but the investor does not need to actively participate in this process.

Recruit 2 drivers for shift change like a taxi.
From a financial point of view, this version will be more profitable, but consequently, the investor’s participation will need to be more active. In this case, you will not have passive income from investments, but your own active business. This option is suitable for both owners and renters of cars (in case of an unsuccessful attempt to buy on credit).

Fourth example: Renting a Renault Logan. A car that has a taxi license with a monthly rent of 30,000 rubles.

Rent – 30,000 rubles monthly
Profit per day – 2400 rubles
Net monthly income – 41,000 rubles
Profitability – 1500 percent per year.
Profitable car. How to get passive income from cars
In the option of buying a car without an initial payment and by changing delivery to drivers, you can get an income of about 10 thousand percent per annum.

Renting out for monthly rent
Compared to daily rentals, the monthly option will be less profitable. But the plus is the minimum participation of the investor himself.

Life hacks for an impeccable choice of cars
There are several subtleties that must be taken into account when choosing an auto investment object. Although the choice of a car is not the main criterion, novice investors should definitely take into account these nuances:

Class selection,
Color selection,
The ability to purchase cars that were taxis
Car to zero or with mileage
Advantageous places of purchase
Type 1: car class. There are 4 classes – economy, comfort, comfort + and luxury.

The ratio of the cost of a daily rental to the cost of the car itself depends on its class: the graph shows the prices of a car with zero mileage.

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