How great brands came to be
Victoria's Secret Roy Raymond, being a loving husband, decided to pamper his wife with a present - a new set of women's underwear. Going to the store alone, Roy was…

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Granite countertops near me nashville: how to polish granite countertops nashville.
Business under sanctions
Sanctions. Someone sees this phenomenon as extremely negative, but is it really that bad? Food sanctions, that is, a ban on the import of certain goods from abroad, caused such…

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How to open a cargo car service
The number of cars on the territory of the CIS countries is growing inexorably, therefore, car service services for both cars and trucks are becoming more than in demand. Statistics…

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Reputation management as a condition for business development
Reputation management of a company begins at the stage of opening a company. A positively formed image and reputation make it possible to carry out sales comfortably and to steadily…


Recycling tires. Tire recycling business
The problem of recycling tires is very relevant at the current stage of development in Russia. The natural decay of tires takes 120-150 years. There is not enough space at…


How to open a moving company

Looking to start a trucking business but don’t know what is the best to specialize in? Now the so-called moving companies that organize various transfers from place to place are in great demand. We are talking about the transportation of furniture and things of people who move to a new place of residence; on the transportation of office furniture and equipment when the company changes its location; on the transportation of decorations and any other bulky items from one place to another. How to open a moving company and make money on moving
Moving business
Moving business in America is one of the most profitable. Here it is just beginning to gain momentum, but in the future it strives for the same high performance. Moving companies that are already operating in this market receive good and stable income. To experience the minimum of competition, it is better to open a moving company in those cities where there are no similar organizations at all or there are very few of them. But you should only choose large enough cities. Why a moving business opened in a small settlement will not be successful is understandable – a small number of population and insufficient territory for work.

At the moment, there is little competition between the shipping companies. However, there are many unofficial carriers operating in this market, which most often operate alone and find their customers through advertisements in the print press. They will be your main competitors. For their services, such carriers ask for a fairly low price, but the quality of services leaves much to be desired. In order for your potential customers to make a choice in favor of your company, not relying on the price of services, you need to confidently declare yourself as an official company that takes full responsibility for the fast transportation and safety of all things, and offers other additional services. As such, we can offer the service of packing things in boxes and in anti-scratch foil.

Many shipping companies do not provide services at night. Offering 24/7 transportation will also help you stand out from the competition. As other additional services, you can offer consulting on transportation issues, assembly / disassembly of furniture and equipment, furniture arrangement according to the customer’s plan.

Business registration
If you want to organize a small company with one or two cars and only accept orders from private clients, registration of an individual entrepreneur will be enough. In the case of the intention to create a large company with its own vehicle fleet and focus on corporate clients, it is necessary to register a limited liability company.

Private carriers operate without premises – they pick up goods from one place and immediately bring them to another. Serious and large moving companies work a little differently. It is imperative to have premises for various purposes, since different situations may arise at work. A moving company must have the following premises:

1. For temporary storage of goods and materials (10-15 square meters, and better – 20-25).
2. For reception and negotiations with clients (15 square meters).
3. Bathroom and utility room (10-12 square meters).
4. Leisure facilities for employees (15 square meters).

As you can see, the overall size of the premises for a moving company is small. The parking lot should be much larger. The car fleet of a moving company must have at least 5-10 cars with bodies of different sizes (for small and large transportations). Of course, you can start with a smaller number of cars, however, be guided by the fact that over time, as the number of orders grows, it will be necessary to increase the car fleet.

A cargo storage room is needed for those situations when the cargo needs to be picked up, for example, today, and delivered to a new location only tomorrow or in a few days. Such orders may not be frequent, but there will be. In the warehouse, you can also store packaging material – cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, bubble wrap, dressing cables, etc.

The discussion of the terms of cooperation and the conclusion of the contract most often takes place on the client’s territory, however, if we are talking about large orders for transportation in several stages, then sometimes it is better to discuss this in the office. Therefore, there should be such a meeting room.

The Lounge is where your managers and drivers can dine and relax between orders. Many companies neglect the need for such a space, but if you care and value your employees, arrange such a place. This will not require large expenses.

Do not forget also about the requirements for the premises from the fire department. To issue a permit to operate an office of approximately the same size as described above, at least two fire extinguishers are required – at the entrance to the office and in the meeting room.

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