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How to open an auto parts store

Due to the large number of cars in cities, a business selling auto parts, like opening a car repair shop, is a great idea for your business.

No equipment is durable, therefore, over time, parts need to be repaired or replaced with similar ones.
The cost of opening a car shop
To open an auto parts store, you will need to invest in several components of the overall business picture. Here’s an example of upfront costs:

Equipment – $ 8,300.
Purchase of the first batch of goods – from $ 55,000.
Advertising and design costs – from $ 2,500.
Maintenance of programs for inventory control – from $ 500 per year.
We get the figure of 66,300 dollars, excluding the rent for the premises. The rental price largely depends on the region, location and number of square meters of premises, therefore we do not include rental costs. According to the reviews of the owners of such stores, such a business pays off in 6-12 months.

If you decide to open a car shop, then you need to understand the specifics of this business and draw up a business plan for an auto parts store.

Auto parts store business plan
Here you can download an example of a ready-made business plan for an auto parts store for the Toyota brand. Download a business plan for an auto parts store
Own business – auto shop
Market research
It should be said right away that the auto parts business is quite competitive. This market is constantly growing, and in every city (especially a large one), there are a lot of such shops. Therefore, before starting a business, it is necessary to conduct a thorough market analysis. Pay close attention to which parts and parts your competitors primarily sell. Also research what parts of cars break down most often and need replacing.

Next, determine which parts will make up your main assortment, which should be purchased more and which less. Conduct an analysis of which car brands are most often found in your city or region, and use this also when compiling the assortment of goods.

Choosing a place and premises
In fact, the location of the auto parts store plays a very important role in the success of the business. By choosing the right place, you already increase your chances of success in business many times over. The most optimal location will be a place next to a car service, which is visited by a large number of customers.

If all such places are already occupied, then it is worth looking for a place in the city center, where there is a high traffic of people. Including, pay attention to the highways and bypass roads. Placing a car dealership near these locations can also be a successful solution. If you are forced to open a store near outlets with similar products, then you need to think about how you can compete with them (for example, due to lower prices, a wider assortment, quick delivery of goods by pre-order, and so on).

Assortment of goods
When compiling the assortment of goods for the store, you must first of all rely on the owners of which cars will become your main customers. Products for such vehicles should be purchased in a larger volume. However, you should also provide a wide choice for owners of a wide variety of vehicles.

Among your products should be products for cars of different production (domestic and foreign). For the successful operation of the store, the number of items of goods must be at least 10 thousand items. An approximate list of goods looks like this:

Motor oil;
Various filters;
Wheel disks;
Light bulbs;
First aid kits.
Do not neglect various small things, which are also in great demand. Make sure that the most popular products are always in stock in your store. Some goods can only be delivered on order.

How to open an auto parts store
For a simpler and more convenient assortment management, it is recommended to use special programs for managing warehouse accounting, for example, “My Warehouse”. The maintenance of such programs is paid, however, you will immediately feel the advantage of using them – you can easily determine which products are more popular and which are less; what products are already running out and should be purchased again; and also track sales statistics.

Give customers the opportunity to order goods online. To do this, your store must have its own website, which will present a catalog of goods and information on how to order the necessary item. To make it easier for site users to find the product they need, create on the site the ability to search by various characteristics: manufacturer, price, name, etc.

At the initial stage (especially if you are strapped for financial resources), equipping the store is only necessary for the most necessary, and this is not so much.

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