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Car wash business plan

Many who want to start their own small business are thinking about opening a car wash. The services provided by car washes are always in demand, and due to the large number of cars, the profit from such a business can be very significant.

It should be understood that a car wash is a seasonal business. And the maximum number of clients will be in the “dirtiest” period, that is, in spring and autumn. Expect a lull during the summer holidays.
Download car wash business plan
You can download an example of a car wash business plan with basic calculations for free here:
Car wash business plan

How to open a car wash
Seat selection
The amount of your income will largely depend on the location of the car wash. Choose places as close as possible to roads, parking lots, car repair shops. It can also be beneficial to be located in areas where there is a high population density. The car wash should be convenient in terms of access by car.

Room selection
Before choosing a room, you must already decide on your main customers – these can be cars, trucks, buses or minibuses, SUVs. Based on this, you should choose the size of the room, as well as the washing equipment. The car wash must simultaneously accommodate 2-5 cars. Since your main means will be water, then you should take care of connecting the water in the room and a good sewage system.

The minimum set of equipment for a car wash is as follows:

Washing vacuum cleaner.
Water heating device.
High pressure washer.
Dust pump.
Water purification system.
Water recirculator (if you will reuse water).
Experts advise not to save on equipment and purchase high-quality expensive devices. Having bought cheaper equipment, after a short time you will have to update it, and as a result, you will lose much more money. According to the owners of the best car washes, the highest quality equipment is the equipment from the German company “Karcher”, as well as from the Italian manufacturer “Ceccato”.

Staff recruitment
Each client (regardless of what services he uses) appreciates a good attitude towards him. Therefore, when recruiting employees, pay attention to how polite and friendly they will be able to communicate with customers. Also spend some time on initial training of personnel so that in the future their actions are competent and professional. It is for the professional provision of services and courteous treatment that clients will pay even a rather large sum.

It is also recommended to introduce a video surveillance system and control the consumption of materials. This will avoid unpleasant behavioral situations of your employees.

Car wash services
Usually car washes have a standard set of services, namely:

1. External car wash.
2. Washing the engine.
3. Body polishing.
4. Dry cleaning of the interior.
5. Wet and dry cleaning.

Your advantage will be the introduction of bonuses for services for regular customers. You can offer discounted reusable passes to drivers.

Car wash income
As mentioned earlier, the most profitable periods are autumn and spring. If the summer turns out to be rainy, then expect a heavy flow of customers at this time of the year. The percentage of net income from all revenue is approximately 40%. The rest is spent on salaries of employees, rent of premises and purchase of consumables.

Opening a 24/7 car wash should, in theory, be more profitable, but consider how profitable the costs of 24/7 customer service will be in relation to the possible income. Perhaps, at first, it will be more profitable to operate a car wash only from morning to evening.

Car wash business plan
The average payback of such a business is from 6 to 12 months.

Advertising campaign
There is a significant number of car washes in every big city. To make customers pay attention to you, try to stand out favorably against the general background. Come up with a few “chips”, which you will outline in your advertising campaign.

For example, for vip clients, you can offer a car wash service, when beautiful girls in bathing suits act as washers. So that the client does not get bored while waiting for his car to be washed, offer him a free cup of tea or coffee. The costs for this will not be large at all, and you will add grateful clients to yourself. Also, for regular customers, after every nth wash, offer a free refill of the window washer with water or frost-resistant liquid, depending on the season.

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Car wash business plan
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