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How to open a tire service

If you are good at cars, then you might want to start your own business in this area. At Dengodel, we already wrote about how to open an auto parts store and how to open a car service. Today we will focus on another option for the automotive business – the opening of a tire workshop.

There are a lot of cars in every more or less large city, and this figure is only growing. In this regard, tire fitting services are in demand and popular. However, it is worth remembering that the demand for these services is subject to seasonal changes, and during the most active times you will have twice the number of clients than during the “calm” period.

Tire business plan
So, the very first question that will interest an entrepreneur who has decided to start this business is “how much does it cost to open a tire fitting?” It will be necessary to invest at least 4 thousand dollars in opening a tire workshop. The total investment amount will include the cost of renting (or buying) the premises, repairing it if necessary, the cost of equipment, and the external design of the service.

The cost of a set of mandatory equipment for a tire changer is about $ 3,500. If the workshop serves about 20 clients a day, then the estimated monthly income will be approximately 2.5 thousand dollars. If we subtract from this amount the cost of rent, wages for workers and the cost of consumables, then we get an income of about 800-900 dollars (with 1-2 employees). The payback period for such a company will take about six months.

The conclusion can be drawn as follows: a tire workshop is a business that will bring a small but stable profit. However, if you expand your business over time to include services for trucks, you can count on a higher income.

How to open a tire changer from scratch
Business registration
This business requires a fairly simple registration and there should be no problems with registration. You do not need to obtain any licenses or special permits. All you need is to register as an individual entrepreneur. The optimal variant of the taxation system is a simplified type.

Although compulsory certification of services of this kind is not required, you can apply for voluntary certification. Its cost is about $ 30-50. After going through this procedure, you will receive a document that will confirm the quality of the services provided. This way, you may be able to attract more customers.

Choosing a location
When choosing a location for a future tire workshop, several factors must be taken into account. First, it is the presence of competitive firms. Opening a new tire shop next to a long-running one can be a risky move. Clients are unlikely to exchange an already tried and tested service for a new and still unknown one. Therefore, choose the places where the competition will be minimal.

Secondly, the tire service should be located next to a busy road, where there is a heavy traffic. The premises can be either rented or built from scratch. The first option is, of course, more convenient and less expensive. If you could not find a premise with a convenient location that could be rented, then you can rent or buy a land plot on which a small building will be erected for future tire fitting. A tire shop building will require a simple modular design. The size of the tire fitting room is no more than 40 square meters.

If you have your own garage, then you can arrange a tire service there as well. However, only if the garage has a suitable location.

Necessary equipment
It is unlikely that you will face the problem of finding equipment suppliers, since there are a sufficient number of such companies now, and they have their branches in many cities. All possible equipment for a tire workshop can be roughly divided into two types: mandatory and optional. The first category includes:

Balancing stand;
Tire changer;
Desktop vulcanizer;
Compressor equipment;
Jacking equipment;
Bath used to check the wheels;
Battery charger;
Small tools.
The above equipment is a must for a tire shop. However, if you want to expand your business and generate higher profits, you can use additional equipment as well. For example, separate stands and machines for cars and trucks, wheel straighteners, lifts, wheel washers.

Of course, a workshop that provides services for both cars and trucks will be more profitable due to the fact that these services are more expensive for trucks than for cars.

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