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3 stages of concrete production and business prospects

Concrete production is a demanded business: the volume of construction is constantly increasing, and the demand for materials is also growing. Concrete is in demand in housing construction, road construction and industrial construction. This is the main raw material that is needed to create reinforced concrete structures and elements.

Concrete production
The production of concrete requires large investments, but raw materials and additives to improve the quality are available, and the technology does not require special knowledge. At the same time, the income of enterprises for the production of concrete mixtures is high and stable. Therefore, many entrepreneurs pay attention to this area.

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1 The composition of the concrete mixture and the technology of concrete production
2 Step by step plan on how to open a concrete production plant
3 Where to buy equipment for the production of concrete
4 How to register a concrete production business
5 How much you need to invest and how much you can earn
6 Conclusion
Concrete composition and concrete production technology
The quality of the concrete mix is ​​determined by its composition. The simplest concrete is made by mixing cement, sand (or other aggregate) and water in various proportions.

The basis of the concrete mixture (70% of the volume) is made up of aggregates: natural materials, production waste or artificial substances. The first two types of aggregates are added to the concrete mass unchanged. Artificial – undergo preliminary processing, as a result of which it is easy to control the quality of the final product and guarantee its compliance with the requirements.

The second most important component is cement, which is prepared from a clay-lime mixture. Its share in the volume of concrete mix is ​​about 11%. The type of cement determines the properties of concrete: requirements for the amount of moisture, hardening time, rate of strength gain. This information is usually provided by the manufacturer.

Water quality is no less important in the production of concrete. The strength of the concrete is ensured by the structure of the mixture. The fluid affects the design parameters of the concrete. The use of water contaminated with organic substances (silt, mold, etc.) is unacceptable.

Concrete mix composition
They interfere with the crystallization of mineral components, the development of microorganisms in a humid environment continues and leads to the destruction of the entire product. Therefore, you can only use water that complies with GOSTs in composition.

Before mixing, it is necessary to formulate what characteristics the concrete should have.

Main evaluation criteria
For fresh concrete:

the degree of workability;
the level of risk of delamination;
properties for leveling or finishing surfaces.
For hardened:

compressive and tensile strength;
solidification rate;
resistance to deformation;
heat resistance;
anti-corrosion properties;
wear resistance;
These characteristics can be changed depending on the purpose of the concrete, supplementing the mixture with impurities and additives. Most often, plasticizers are added to make the concrete more fluid without increasing the amount of water.

To give the concrete mixture the desired properties, hydraulic additives and color pigments are also included in the composition. For the choice of additional components, it is best to consult with their manufacturer and carry out testing on prototypes.

Even a beginner can master the technology of concrete production. It includes three stages:

Primary preparation of raw materials. It consists in the preparation of chemical additives, cement grinding (with an increase in the fineness of grinding, its strength and solidification rate increase), heating of the aggregates. These operations are carried out when the need arises.
Dosing. In production, weighing devices are used for the most accurate metering of a given amount of ingredients.
Stirring. Aggregates with cement and other components are mixed until homogeneous. For coarse-grained mixtures, gravity-type installations are used. Lightweight concrete and fine-grained compositions are mixed using blades and other devices.
The mixing quality depends on the duration of the operation: if the duration is insufficient, it is impossible to obtain high quality concrete.
When producing ready-mixed concrete, it must be remembered that special conditions of transportation to the consumer are imposed on it. The distance it can be transported without loss of quality is 50-60 kilometers.

A step-by-step plan on how to open a concrete plant
Step by step plan
If you decide to open a concrete plant, first of all, you need to determine what type of concrete your company will produce:

heavy – for construction work;
lightweight – for the manufacture of building materials, decorative parts;
silicate – with increased moisture and fire resistance;
cellular – building blocks are made of it;
decorative – for finishing work.
Based on this, draw up a business plan, which reflects the steps to organize the enterprise, ways to achieve production and financial performance. Analyze the sales market.

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