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Business under sanctions

Sanctions. Someone sees this phenomenon as extremely negative, but is it really that bad? Food sanctions, that is, a ban on the import of certain goods from abroad, caused such a phenomenon as import substitution. Products that were previously imported from the West must now be replaced by similar ones, but of domestic production.

There is often an opinion among economists that import substitution should have been started a couple of decades ago in order to provide the country with goods of its own production and create new jobs, which are always in short supply. Why didn’t they do this earlier, we will not argue. Now the question is more relevant: is it possible to build a small business in conditions of sanctions? We answer: you can! Business on sanctions will hold on to the fact that the niches of the market freed from foreign manufacturers need to be filled with someone, and just small and medium-sized businesses are ideal for this. What should you do to get the most out of the sanctions?

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1 Business ideas under sanctions
1.1 Fast food with Russian food
1.2 Cheese production
1.3 Thermal imaging equipment
1.4 Production of fish feed
1.5 Dairy farm
1.6 Elite schools
1.7 Livestock farm
1.8 IT sphere
1.9 Apple production
1.10 Property
Business ideas under sanctions
Fast food with Russian food
Some of you may remember that there was also fast food in the Soviet Union. Only there were not hot dogs and hamburgers sold there, but sandwiches and dumplings, and such establishments were called “Snacks”. I must admit, they were quite popular. What prevents you from opening a similar Russian fast food now? The cost of producing sandwiches, dumplings, soups, pancakes and our other native food is quite low, and the establishment can be decorated quite modestly, without restaurant decor and excesses.

Rest assured, such fast food will be visited as often as Burger King or McDonald’s, if not more often. After all, the price of one lunch at McDonald’s will be equal to two, and maybe three lunches at a Russian diner. And if American fast foods will soon be completely shut down (in modern realities anything can happen), then people simply will not have a choice.

Cheese production
Cheese is loved and consumed by almost every family. But the sanctions also affected this product – it is no longer imported from abroad. It is interesting that elite French and Italian cheeses are mainly produced in small factories, or even very small ones. It will not be difficult to organize such production in our country. Such a business idea is especially relevant for those regions, the climate of which is most similar to the climate of Southern Europe.

Thermal imaging equipment
All thermal imaging devices previously came to Russia only from abroad. Domestic production, if it did take place, was on an insignificant scale. But the areas of its application are quite wide – construction, medicine, mechanical engineering, metallurgy. If you set a goal, then you can start the cost-effective production of such equipment without any problems. It will definitely be in demand.

Fish compound feed production
Red fish, which disappeared from store shelves due to the sanctions, but soon returned to domestic production and is much more expensive, is a different story. From the point of view of small business in this area, the production of compound feed is more interesting. Previously, they were purchased in the same place as the fish itself – mainly in Norway. Norwegian feed is of high quality, but still too expensive for many Russian fish farm owners. If you find a way to produce compound feed for fish at a lower price point, you will definitely be in the black.

Milk’s farm
Milk is a product consumed by our people in incredible quantities. Before the sanctions came into effect, 80% of the milk on our shelves was from abroad. Just think how much its availability for the population has now decreased and what profits you can get if you start your dairy production. And in addition to milk itself, you can also produce cottage cheese, sour cream, butter and other dairy products, which in any case will always be in demand.

Elite schools
Access to foreign education is now closed for many officials. And they are accustomed to teaching their children only in the best, elite educational institutions. Of course, opening an elite school for children or expensive business courses is a slow and complicated process. Nevertheless, under the conditions of sanctions, such a business becomes very, very promising.

Livestock farm
Particular attention should be paid to the production of beef. It has always been much more profitable for our country to buy imported beef for sale to the population than to produce it on its own. Due to the current situation, the cost of meat has grown significantly, and now not every Russian can afford a piece of fried beef for dinner. By producing beef on domestic farms, you will be able to sell it at an affordable price to most consumers.

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Business under sanctions
Sanctions. Someone sees this phenomenon as extremely negative, but is it really that bad? Food sanctions, that is, a ban on the import of certain goods from abroad, caused such…