Wind tunnel as a business
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Where to start a business
How to start your own business Of course, there is no clear and only correct instruction on how to open your own business. Much depends on the type of business,…

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How to open a sports bar
Sport has always brought people together. And not only those who are engaged in it, but also those who support their favorite sports teams. Sports bars are just the place…

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How they work at British American Tobacco
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Business under sanctions
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How great brands came to be

Victoria’s Secret
Roy Raymond, being a loving husband, decided to pamper his wife with a present – a new set of women’s underwear. Going to the store alone, Roy was simply confused among the huge number of options that the sellers offered him. Not many of them knew how to work with male buyers, and Roy felt very uncomfortable in this “female kingdom” of underwear. He never managed to find a gift, however, an idea arose in his head, which became fateful for Raymond. It was the idea of ​​opening your own lingerie store, in which both women and men would feel equally comfortable.

To implement the idea, 80 thousand dollars were needed. Roy borrowed half of this amount from friends, half from the bank at interest. The first Victoria’s Secret store was opened in a shopping center in Stanford. Women in such stores already feel like a fish in water, but sellers were trained to work with male buyers separately. This allowed all representatives of the stronger sex to feel as comfortable as possible in such a store. And yes, the idea took off in the first year of work. Over time, Victoria’s Secret products began to be sold through catalogs, which brought Raymond huge profits, and the brand – worldwide fame.

How great brands came to be
Harland Sanders, founder of the worldwide KFC fast food chain, got his start in business late. Until his 40s, he had little or no entrepreneurial ambition. Without any education (except for six grades of school), Harland worked as a fireman, and a conductor, and a laborer on a farm, and a tire salesman. He did not stay long in any of these professions. Together with his wife, Harland lived rather poorly.

When he was forty years old, Sanders decided to open a small auto repair shop. The business went well, and after a while the entrepreneur added a small cafe on the territory of the auto repair shop to the main service. Sanders cooked food for clients himself, and he was especially good at fried chicken in batter. Very quickly, the fame of a delicious dish in a car workshop cafe spread throughout the entire settlement, and even beyond. Sanders cooked chicken according to his own recipe, adding eleven different spices to it in a certain proportion.

The business did not start to develop as Sanders expected, but nevertheless very well: the majority of customers visited the workshop not to take advantage of auto services, but to taste Harland Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken. A few years later, Sanders opened the Sanders Court & Cafe hotel, on the territory of which he housed a restaurant. There he continued to serve his already famous fried chicken in batter, constantly improving the recipe. With the development of business, Colonel Sanders (this honorary title was awarded to him by Governor Lafon) began to open his restaurants throughout America, calling them KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken).

How great brands came to be
Read the success story of yet another fast food giant: Subway.
Victor Mills, a specialist chemist at Procter & Gamble, was blessed by her daughter with three grandchildren. A caring grandfather often looked after the kids and looked after them, but, like any person, he tried to simplify his troubles in many ways. When he got tired of changing his grandchildren’s diapers several times a day, washing dirty ones and changing them to clean ones, Mills came up with the idea: “Why wash if you can throw it away? However, you cannot fill up the diapers this way … ”.

A solution was found – to create a kind of pad from a material with a good ability to absorb liquid and attach it to the child’s panties. Having created several options for his salvation from dirty diapers, Victor Mills first of all tested them on his own grandchildren. After several experiments, the most optimal and convenient way to implement this idea was found. By the way, Mills experimented not only on his grandchildren, but also on his wife and daughter. They helped him test the effectiveness of another of his inventions – toothpaste.

Victor Mills gave the world a product that could make the lives of many young parents easier, and his brand name has long become a household name.

How great brands came to be
A defining moment in the further entrepreneurial success of Phil Knight was his passion for sports. Phil was a middle distance runner on the University of Oregon team. Phil saw the lack of good, affordable athletic shoes as one of the biggest problems with running. The adidas sneakers were of high quality, but they were quite expensive for the average student and not everyone could afford them. The cheap shoes were of such unbearable quality that running in them was very uncomfortable and even painful.

Once, at one of the marketing classes at Stanford, the professor talked about what strategies exist for the development of small businesses.

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