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How to buy a website and earn passive income on it

Why can we tell you about investing, tools to influence the process of income reinvestment? Since 1998, our entire team has been building IT systems. This year, a project was laid, which now provides software in the USA and Germany.

Investment Territory is an equally challenging training-oriented project that was launched in 2014. And already in 2016 we opened another project – “Cryptobotany”. In the same year, we purchased our first internet project for 1.9 million rubles. But is it so easy to buy something for 2 million rubles? No, it’s difficult. You never know exactly what the result will be.

How to buy a website and earn passive income on it
When the implementation of our venture began, we faced such an obstacle as a complete lack of basic knowledge of the practice of project implementation. They acted like ripe kittens. Nobody could teach us. We knew the market in theory. But she was not enough. It was necessary to gain and develop experience in this area.

But what is experience? Experience is steps, trials, mistakes, obstacles through which it is important to go through yourself. Go through, remember what’s what. As you gain experience, you will learn all possible fraud schemes and workarounds. Mistakes can be made in so many ways. We will tell you about how we paved this path, what we could deduce for ourselves.

Buy a profitable website, get passive income – complement each other or different things?
Passive income is an interesting thing about investing on the Internet, with minimal effort – the result. When we made our first purchase, we were confident that everything would go smoothly. Then we lacked experience in transactions. Then the project got its own. Today our traffic is 1 million visitors per month. All these people create passive income for us just by reading our articles.

A passive approach requires creative thinking.

What does it mean? What assets do I currently have? I have an apartment building that I created completely remotely. The system is built in such a way that remote project implementation does not create any restrictions for me. Also, as another asset, I have an Internet project introduced in 1998. They still bring me income.

The main reason to invest in profitable websites? This is their profitability. If you approach the work correctly, then its profitability will soar up to 100% in a year. Also, the reason to invest in such projects is complete mobility. No matter where you are, you can track the work of the project.

Do you like it when money is constantly dripping into your account? It induces a kind of trance. And when does the money come in foreign currency? Updated – the counter shows even more. Passive income from sites comes constantly in foreign currency. Question: “The site is Russian, where does the dollar come from?” Everything is simple here. Google pays you for advertising, but what currency does it have?

How to buy a website and earn passive income on it
What is the beauty of passive income from the Internet? It is stable. Yes, hackers, miners and a dozen more smart guys can interfere with work, but if you approach the matter with your head, look at it as an invested project, then that cherished stability is guaranteed to you.

We all say “profitable site”, “ready-made site with income” … What prevents us from creating our own project, from scratch, and not investing in a ready-made one? You need to use simple math here. And in fact, and in those cases, you will need to invest finances. But by creating it from scratch, you give it hosting, an engine, fill it with content, and build a reputation. In this case, your investment will be stable and there will be no incredible jumps. Your invested money in a zero site is money that you split into piles. You collect these heaps and that’s it, they practically won’t increase.

In the second case, you are already given everything ready, you do not need to clog your brains with the development and promotion of the portal. In this case, your cash flow will only grow, since the project already has a reputation for content. But the size of this cash flow? Divide the amount of your investment by 24. The resulting number will be the initial capital that you will receive.

How to buy a ready-made website with income on your own
Starting to comprehend the basics of the world of investing on the Internet and buying websites, everyone has a bunch of questions. Investing in large projects is always associated with a risk for your own finances. Timid steps, hesitant actions, small projects – and everything works out. Over time, projects will become more ambitious, and income from them will grow in geometric projection.

But what do you need to know to buy a profitable website on your own? The success of the entire project directly depends on three stages.

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