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Lounge bar

Cafes, nightclubs and pubs – what else does a person need to spend their leisure time? From the constant rush and noise, you want to hide and relax in a cozy place. Lounge bar is a new format of an institution that is gaining momentum in popularity among young people. This place is ideal for complete relaxation.

How to distinguish the Lounge Bar from other similar establishments? Lounge, in English means – living room, recreation room. Such a bar can be a public institution or be located in an isolated relaxation area.

Its peculiarity is that a person in a cozy atmosphere feels at home. Designers decorate the room in an oriental style, using soft flowing fabrics and natural shades, select a pleasant looking color scheme, adjust dim lighting, use candles, upholstered furniture and melodious music. To create an interesting style, decorative elements, paintings and rich color are used. Soft sofas and coffee tables play an important role.

What can be ordered at the Lounge Bar?
The audience of such an institution is wealthy clients. They include VIP rooms where people spend time in a pleasant company. Hookah is an important attribute of the lounge bar. It is served in closed, ventilated rooms, isolated from the common room. The assortment also includes cocktails, juice, tea, coffee or alcohol. Snacks, such as sandwiches, can help satisfy your hunger.

Dress code. You don’t have to wear an evening dress or an expensive suit. It is better to prefer simple and comfortable clothes. The lounge bar is considered a place for relaxation, so the street style style will perfectly fit into the cozy atmosphere of the cafe.

How to open your lounge-bar
If the owner accepts the status of a legal entity. person and chooses the form of LLC, then it registers a lounge bar, simplifying the tax system (state 6% of income or 15% of operating profit) But IP cannot sell alcohol, so OKVED codes are needed:

After obtaining a license for the Lounge Bar for the content of alcohol in beverages, the following documents are submitted to the relevant authority:

Lounge bar charter.
Memorandum of association.
Protocol, decision of the founders, order of appointment and assumption of the position of director.
Certificate from the tax office of registration.
Document confirming the state registration of the Lounge bar.
Certificate and extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities.
Bank details.
Lease agreement for premises or evidence of ownership of premises.
Receipt of payment of the state fee, copy of the license issuance document.
Registration card for cash register equipment (passport version)
Tax certificate that there are no debts.
Certificate of confirmation of the object of trade for the declared type of activity. Compliance of the premises with fire safety rules and sanitary and epidemiological standards.
Statement on the subject of obtaining a license.
Copies of certificates of conformity of technological equipment.
Lounge bar – what is it?
The lounge bar should be located more than one hundred meters from schools, hospitals or sports fields. Its area should be more than 50 sq.m.

Also, an alarm system, a safe, and cash register equipment are installed in the room. The authorized capital of the Lounge bar is at least 300,000 rubles.

Determining the target audience helps to choose a place for the Lounge bar. It is advantageous to choose a location in the city center, not far from the elite quarters, since rich people are more often interested in such establishments. For wealthy people, the assortment should include wine, beer, liqueurs. Remove vodka, cognac and champagne so that the Lounge bar does not turn into an ordinary bar with a hookah bar.

The lounge bar is a new direction in business, so the competition is not great. To open such an establishment, you need to have the initial capital, beautifully arrange the premises, collect all the necessary documents and buy advertising. If you pack the Lounge bar correctly, word of mouth will work well. People come with friends to escape from everyday problems and calmly rest, relax in a cozy atmosphere and have a great time.

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