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What business to open in the village

Profitable and profitable business in the village
Breeding bees
This is a business for those who are ready for serious and hard work on an apiary. If you have a suitable piece of land, you need to purchase equipment – beehives, inventory, the bees themselves for breeding. And before that, read a lot of manuals on beekeeping. This business is delicate and requires serious preparation.

As a result of a successful start of a business, you can get products that will be your product: honey, beeswax and poison, pollen, royal jelly. All this is in demand. You don’t have to talk about honey itself – everything is clear here, and the rest of the products are now especially in demand in cosmetology and medicine. Read more about breeding bees.

Store opening
In small villages and hamlets, there are often only one or two points for the entire settlement. Despite the small number of residents, they do not always cover the needs of everyone. In such cases, opening your own grocery store would be a great solution. In a rural setting (especially if it is remote from a big city), it may be difficult to establish a daily supply of food. This difficulty can be overcome by building a small, but equipped according to all the rules, warehouse at the store. Products stored in a warehouse, and not in a store, will be suitable for sale a little longer.

You can also buy rural products – vegetables, fruits, berries, chicken eggs, milk – from the very same inhabitants of your village and nearby villages.

Growing plants
The village has all the conditions to breed various crops and properly care for them. Many people (and those who live in the village, especially), taking care of their health, often resort to the method of phytotherapy, that is, herbal treatment. Probably, there is no longer a single disease that does not have herbal treatment among the options for getting rid of it. The most common of them are: ginseng, chamomile, St. John’s wort, calendula, sage, yarrow.

In addition to medicinal herbs, it is beneficial to grow herbs for sale: dill, parsley, onions, celery. If space and skills allow, you can also plant indoor flowers. The grown products will be sold again to the villagers themselves, and with large volumes of goods, they can be taken out to the city and sold there.

Ostrich farm
What business to open in the village
One of the most profitable businesses in the village is animal breeding. Namely, ostriches. A serious amount must be invested in opening a chicken farm – about 150 thousand dollars. This amount can be overwhelming for a beginner entrepreneur, so such a business is usually opened by those who have already earned decent money in another area and are now ready to invest it in an ostrich farm.

Such a business can be confidently called waste-free: in addition to ostrich meat and eggs, you can even make money on feathers, eggshells and the fat of these birds.

Milk and dairy products production
Almost every family in the villages has its own animal husbandry. And you are most likely no exception. If you have your own cows, then you can create a large business in the production, sale of milk and products derived from it. If you plan to sell products only to your neighbors in the village, then you can cope with the entire production process on your own. But if the goal is a larger scale (importing products into the city, delivering them to stores), then there is no longer a plant, albeit a small one. The plant must be equipped with equipment: for the processing and pasteurization of milk, for the production of sour cream, butter, cheese, cottage cheese.

You are unlikely to be able to provide large stores and supermarkets in the city with these products (since they buy goods in huge quantities, work with only large manufacturers). But with small shops and kiosks, you can try to establish contact. Dairy products will never lose their value, so a business in their production is initially a good idea.

Opening of an entertainment facility for young people
The older generation of people living in villages is more engaged in farming than in recreation. But young people just need to have fun. However, the idea of ​​opening an entertainment establishment will be relevant only in those settlements where the population is not so small. In villages with a thousand inhabitants, such an idea should not be considered. And if there are several thousand of them, ideally 10-15, then you can safely start.

What can you open? There are several options: a disco club, billiards, a cafe with karaoke. Such a business must be tailored to a specific target audience. If you miss this, you will not avoid failure, since they are unlikely to come to your establishment from other villages, especially from the city. Carefully research the preferences of residents, their willingness to pay for the service you offer.

When calculating the optimal investment amount, also take into account the solvency of the target audience. There is no point in building an expensive club, even if you have a large budget, if the villagers simply cannot pay for the service of visiting it.

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