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Bath and sauna as a business

Ready-made business plans for saunas and baths
Do not forget that before starting any business, it is important to draw up and carefully work out a business plan. Opening a sauna is a tricky business, and you can’t do without a business plan.

We invite you to download and view an example of a bath / sauna business plan, so that you have something to start from. Download sauna business plan
How to open a bath / sauna
You need to start, of course, with the choice of the type of bath. The most common types of bath facilities today are a private sauna, a public bath, and a bath on wheels. The first type is more profitable if you are primarily pursuing commercial goals. “Everything for the client and every whim for your money” is practically the slogan of many existing saunas.

The public bath differs from them in that it has a higher capacity for people, and anyone can visit such a bath at any time without prior reservation of seats. Yes, and it is impossible to reserve the date and time of a visit to a public bath by a certain group of people. This is not to say that the opening of such a bath is not capable of bringing in a lot of money.

Provided that the business is properly organized and successfully promoted, public baths can earn no less than private ones. But still, in cities there are slightly fewer of them, which means that something is holding back entrepreneurs from opening baths of this type.

Another option for opening a bath is a bath on wheels. This idea is no longer new, but it is still considered quite original. A bath on wheels is a mobile, mobile bath, which is built from the body of a covered car, trimmed inside and outside with wood. Inside the bath is equipped in the same way as a stationary one, in accordance with all the norms put forward by legislation.

A bath on wheels cannot accept many customers at the same time, as a rule, it is no more than six people in total, and at the same time in a steam room – no more than four people. The advantage of such a business is that the bathhouse can be easily delivered to any part of the city at the request of the client – to the dacha, to fishing, to the house, even to the recreation park. And a certain element of unusualness and novelty will play into the hands of an entrepreneur.

In this article, we will look at opening a stationary private sauna. Such baths are still the most visited and popular, and therefore more promising in terms of business development.

Business registration
The very first stage of starting a business is its state registration. As with most businesses, you will have to choose between a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company. But take into account in advance the fact that in the case of the sale of alcoholic beverages in your establishment, you will need to register an LLC, since such licenses are not issued to individual entrepreneurs. The type of activity of the sauna from the OKVED list is “Physical culture and recreation activities”, which will need to be indicated in the documentation.

The sanitary-epidemiological service and fire inspections will have to inspect the premises and issue a permit for its operation. It will also be necessary to draw up and certify a sanitation control program for the sauna. An agreement must be concluded with the relevant company for periodic disinfection and disinsection measures (destruction of potentially dangerous insects).

In fact, a sauna is an institution whose location plays almost no role. People do not enter the sauna spontaneously, just walking by. Customers will go there on purpose, planning ahead and preparing for their visit. But in the matter of choosing a location, you should still take into account some of the nuances, namely the level of prestige of the sauna.

If this is a status institution designed for people with high incomes, then it should be located in the elite districts of the city. Mid-level saunas can be located anywhere, the main thing is that the institution can be easily found at the specified address and not get lost.

Before you select a room by size, you need to decide exactly what additional services you are going to implement. A massage room, SPA procedures, a swimming pool, a cafe or other additional services will also require space, and you need to take this into account immediately. Be guided by the fact that an average sauna will require an area of ​​at least one hundred square meters. If you are renting a room, ask right away if it is possible to buy it out in the future.

Requirements for the room and arrangement of the sauna
Bath and sauna are potentially fire hazardous establishments. And therefore, clear and stringent requirements are put forward for them, which must be observed when organizing a business. This is necessary not only in order to obtain permits from government services, but also so that accidents with clients do not occur in your bath, which is very important. The basic rules for organizing a room for a bath are as follows:

The sauna room must be of a non-basement type and have a separate entrance. Windows must have top horizontal sashes.

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