How to open a tobacco kiosk
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Смотрите подробности kitchen countertops у нас на сайте.
Recycling tires. Tire recycling business
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How to open the point of issue of orders of online stores
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Dance school business plan
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Business in crisis – what to do?

Certainly something, but the need for food cannot be canceled by the crisis. People can save on entertainment, recreation, clothing, but food will always be bought. During the crisis, the demand for the cheapest essential products increases. Therefore, open a store where the main product will be fresh bread, sweet pastries, vegetables, fruits, cereals, canned products.

If you know how to cook, then you can start a home cooking business. Prepare a variety of meals to order. If you know how to bake – great, delicious homemade baked goods will always find their buyer. The only difficulty that you may face is that such a business requires a rather serious and thoughtful advertising campaign.

Financial advice
Businessmen always need qualified advice. They need to know where to invest their money, how to save money and get the most profit. This demand is especially growing during a crisis.

Not everyone is able to independently analyze the market situation and understand which financial transactions can now be performed, and which ones should be postponed.

Car repair shop
Therefore, you have to keep your old cars in working order in every possible way. And in this case, you cannot do without car service. You can start such a business from scratch or purchase an existing auto repair shop.

People are less likely to visit entertainment venues due to the deteriorating financial condition. Instead, they are looking for entertainment on the Internet. There are many options for earning money. You can create websites with online movies, e-books, games and other leisure activities. If you know how to shoot and edit videos, then you can make money on this.

Pharmacy business
Opening a pharmacy is not a low-cost business idea. On the contrary, this is a rather expensive business. The health crisis does not add to people, and few will save on the state of their body. Even a small pharmacy or even a pharmacy can generate a lot of income for its owner.

Tutoring & Courses
For any normal parent, the education of their children will always be a priority. And the crisis is not a hindrance to that. Quite the opposite: at a time like this, parents strive to give their children as much knowledge as possible so that in the future they can earn something and provide for themselves. You can open both various professional courses (for example, teaching children the basics of economics), and general education. Tutoring, preparing children for exams or admission to universities, is also a profitable business.

Second-hand shops
A second-hand store can sell not only clothes and shoes, but also other products – bags, hats, jewelry, interior items, household goods.

Funeral services
This business has always been one of the most profitable. Even if not very pleasant. The most successful companies in this area already provide a full range of funeral services, as they say, “turnkey”. The competition is quite high, but you can try to enter the market with any one service, for example, the installation of monuments. And expand over time. There will always be a demand for any kind of funeral services.

Bloggers make money mainly from advertising that they place on their resource. In order for the income to be high and stable, you need to attract the maximum number of people to your blog who will become regular readers. And for this you need to offer people the content that will be interesting to them. Choose a niche that is close to you and clearly define the segment of potential readers.

Read about how to do business properly during a crisis, what dangers an entrepreneur can face in this difficult period and how to cope with them in our article “Business in a Crisis”.

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Business in crisis - what to do?
Food Certainly something, but the need for food cannot be canceled by the crisis. People can save on entertainment, recreation, clothing, but food will always be bought. During the crisis,…


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