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How to open the editorial office

Many journalists working in print media dream of opening their own magazine. And advertisers, philologists, and writers may have thought about this more than once. In fact, this business is not as simple as it seems at first glance. At the beginning of any activity, an entrepreneur invariably encounters many difficulties, foreseen and unforeseen. To be at least a little prepared for them, you need to study all the nuances before starting a business.

Publishing a magazine is a highly risky business. But if you take all the risks wisely, this business can bring you huge profits.
Log registration
When you open a magazine, it is important to understand that you need to register it not as a regular business, but as a media outlet. To begin with, you need to carefully study the state law “On Mass Media”. Also pay attention to the law “On Advertising”, as you will need it when you place ad units in your publication.

To register a journal as an LLC, it is necessary to collect and execute the following documents:
Statement. It should indicate information about the founders, the address of the editorial office (legal and actual), the name of the journal and its subject matter, methods of its further dissemination, territory of distribution, language of press, sources of funding, frequency and volume.
Receipt for payment of registration fee.
Charter, extract from the register of legal entities, certificate of registration of the founder.
Trademark registration certificate (if any).
Document confirming registration with the tax service.
If you plan to conduct activities as an individual entrepreneur, then the list of documents will be as follows:
Application (containing the same information as in the case of LLC registration).
Receipt for payment of registration fee.
A notarized copy of the entrepreneur’s passport.
Theme and concept
What will your magazine be about? Who will be interested in it? In what style will the material be presented? The answers to these questions need to be clearly identified before you start organizing all stages of the business. The topic should be chosen based on several factors: 1) the topic should be of interest to you; 2) you must be well versed in the topic; 3) the topic should be of interest to a considerable number of people living in your city / region. With the first two factors, everything is more or less clear: if you are not genuinely interested in what you are doing, you will not be able to make a good product (in this case, a magazine). How do you determine if your magazine will be of interest to the public?

If you decide to approach the matter with all seriousness, then you will have to conduct your own marketing sociological research. Define your target audience (gender, age, occupation, average income), and then conduct a survey among them yourself or with the help of an agency. Find out how they would like to see the magazine on this topic. Taking this opportunity, find out at the same time what your target audience is interested in, what famous people they are interested in, where they rest, what makes them smile. You can use all this information profitably in the future to create material that will really be in demand among readers.

If your city or region has any distinct feature, consider using this when choosing a magazine topic. For example, if fishing is very developed in your area and, accordingly, there are many fishermen, then a specialized magazine on the fishing topic can be successful. If a lot of modeling agencies have opened recently, then consider creating a magazine about fashion, models and the modeling business. What other topics can you create a periodical for?

– a magazine for women (a wide range of women’s topics);
– a magazine for men (a wide range of men’s topics);
– culinary magazine;
– magazine about cars;
– a magazine about home and family;
– a magazine about technology;
– health magazine;
– a magazine about weapons;
– a magazine about business and entrepreneurs.

The publication “for everyone and about everything” can be both overwhelmingly successful and completely disastrous. Researching people’s interest in a narrow topic is much easier. But if you want to open just such a comprehensive publication, you need to come up with some kind of “chip”, an advantage that will distinguish it from dozens of similar others.

Think about your presentation style as well. Will the articles be written in an official, “strict” language, or in a more free and colloquial language? What will be the density of images and illustrations? Will the magazine print ads, and if so, how many? You can decide all this, again based on the results of the research, during which you find out the preferences and needs of the audience. The decision about advertising in the publication you will make more likely based on your needs. If the main source of funding for the publication is advertising placement, then, naturally, there will be a lot of it.

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