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Earnings on aquaprint – where to start and what to look for

Making money on aquaprint is a fairly new and not yet widespread direction in business. Aquaprint (immersion printing) is a technology that appeared in the country ten years ago. She immediately interested many owners of cars and motor vehicles. Aquaprint is applied to any surface, therefore it is used for individual decoration of internal and external elements of cars, motorcycles, related items, laptops, phones and other personal items. The demand for water-immersion printing is due to the desire of car owners to stand out from the traffic flow.
What is the benefit of such a business
Three-dimensional decoration of car parts is used by 30% of car owners. People want to stand out from the crowd. The technology was developed in Japan, then spread in many countries, including Russia.

Advantages of a business based on water-immersion printing:

A small level of competition in this area, since Avkvaprint appeared in the country less than 10 years ago;
The first costs do not exceed 200 thousand rubles;
You can work independently without involving employees;
The costs are recouped in a maximum of six months;
High demand for immersion printing.
Earnings on aquaprint – where to start and what to look for
Immersion printing technology
The immersion printing process is not complicated, but it requires care, accuracy and adherence to the algorithm. Actions are performed in strict sequence:

Surface treatment of the part with abrasive substances.
Degreasing and priming.
Drawing a graphic layer.
Determination of the required film dimensions.
Fixing the film on the surface of the water.
Activator application.
Vertical immersion of the part in water where the film is located.
Rinsing the part under a low pressure of water.
Application of several layers of protective varnish.
Business organization – where to start
To work with immersion printing, individual entrepreneurship is drawn up and a package of documents is prepared:

Lease agreement for premises or papers confirming the ownership of it;
Work permit for fire and sanitary-epidemiological services;
Certificates for the materials used.
This type of service does not require obtaining special certificates, permits and licensing. The application prescribes the OKVED code – 2 and the coding 25.61 (metal processing and coating) and 18.12 (other types of printing activity).

The next step is to submit an application to the Federal Tax Service for choosing the type of taxation.

Then it is determined whether you are working independently or the immersion printing master will be engaged in the master of water-immersion printing, and your work will consist solely in running and developing the business. Before independent work, it is worth taking training courses. Master classes are held by companies selling aquaprint equipment. In addition, videos are posted on the Internet in which immersion printing technology is described and shown in detail.

If you hire one or two craftsmen, then it is worth paying attention to such an issue as finding clients and organizing advertising campaigns. 70% of people are users of social networks, so it is worth creating a personal website for the company and creating a profile on Facebook and Instagram. To attract customers, develop special promotions, for example, “bring a friend and get a discount.”

In each of these cases, you will need a work space and special equipment. This will take 200 thousand rubles. If you take used equipment, you can save up to 50%.

The location of the premises does not have strict rules. You can even organize a workshop in a garage with an area of ​​at least 30 sq. M. The aquaprint room must be equipped with a high-quality exhaust system that can handle all vapors in order to avoid accumulation of fumes that can cause poisoning. To work with immersion printing in a production room, bright light is needed.

Hire artisans who have previously worked with immersion printing techniques.

With proper organization and a sufficient number of clients, investments can be fully covered in 3-4 months.

In order to calculate the approximate monthly profit, you need to determine the amount of material costs. The prime cost of immersion printing per 1 square meter of surface is 1100 rubles. The approximate cost of the order is 8-15 thousand rubles. depending on the amount of work and the complexity of the image. We subtract from this price the cost of consumables, rental of premises, advertising costs, taxes, and we get a net income. The average value is 7 thousand rubles. If you have 10-15 clients per month, you can earn about 100 thousand rubles.

Equipment for aquaprint
In order to work with immersion printing, not much equipment is required:

Bath with a temperature sensor and heating element, the volume of which is 500 liters;
Semi-automatic machine for coating large objects;
Sprayer for activator;

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