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How to open a driving school

On our website, we have already written about the auto business more than once. And in these articles it was said that the number of cars in cities is growing, and the demand for auto services is also growing accordingly.

Another, no less popular option for a business related to cars, is the opening of a driving school. Driving school owners always have enough customers, considering that many people sign up for driving courses not only with the goal of immediately starting to drive a car. There are quite a few of those who do it “in advance”, even without having their own vehicles at the moment.

Is it profitable to open a driving school? Immediately, we indicate that a driving school business will not make you a millionaire. By itself, it is not capable of generating huge profits, and with an illiterate organization it can even be unprofitable. However, if you get down to business wisely, and open a driving school where it really will be in demand, then the business will be able to pay off and start generating a certain income.

Download the business plan of the driving school
You can download a sample driving school business plan for free to help you get to the bottom of the business faster. The document contains a description of the service provided, marketing strategy, risk assessment, financial calculations and more. Business plan for a driving school

What you need to open a driving school
Business registration
Most types of business assume that the entrepreneur can choose the organizational and legal form in which it will be more convenient for him to manage the company. Most often it is a choice between an individual entrepreneur and a limited liability company (read also Which is better, LLC or individual entrepreneur?).

But in the case of the opening of a driving school, the situation is somewhat different. Since there is a law according to which an individual does not have the right to provide training services, the option with an individual entrepreneur is immediately discarded. You can register a driving school in the form of LLC or NOUDO (non-state educational institution of additional education).

A license for the right to provide educational services is also required, and it is issued only todriving school of a legal entity. Get ready that you will receive a license from 4 months up to 1 year. The license is valid for 5 years.

Documents required to obtain a license
To obtain a license for educational services, you need to collect the following package of documents and submit it to the licensing authority:

Notarized incorporation documents.
Certificate of creation of a legal entity (copy).
A document stating that the company has all the training materials, manuals, etc. that will be needed in the course of its activities.
A document confirming that the company has all the necessary equipment and inventory that may be useful in the training process.
Certificate of ownership of the premises in which the driving school will be located, or a lease agreement. You also need a lease agreement for the area where practical training will be held.
License fee payment receipt.
Also, before starting to deal with organizational issues, it will not be superfluous to familiarize yourself with the regulatory document “Requirements for educational institutions that train drivers.” This document is freely available on the Internet and contains information about what qualifications driving school teachers should have, what training materials and manuals are needed, and much more.

Room selection
Very often, driving schools are rented by school auditoriums for theoretical studies. It is very convenient and generally inexpensive. The size of the required room is selected based on how many students will be in one group. Usually it is from 15 to 25 people. And school classrooms have just such a capacity. Plus, you don’t need to buy tables, chairs and boards separately. If you plan to open a driving school in another room, then keep in mind that each student should have about 2-2.5 meters of area.

Considering that you will receive a license for 5 years, before concluding a lease agreement for the premises, ask the owner if he agrees to an annual extension of the agreement (as a rule, lease agreements are concluded for 12 months).
As in many types of business, there is also a sanitary-epidemiological station and a fire inspection. These services must check your premises for compliance with all requirements and regulations and issue you a permit to operate in this premises.

In addition to furniture, which, of course, should be in classrooms, other equipment is also needed, the description of which is also in the regulatory requirements. For example, engine, rear axle with brakes, cutaway gearbox, etc.

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