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How to open the point of issue of orders of online stores

Remote purchases have become a part of everyday life. This means that there will be no problems with opening a pick-up point. And this sphere of business is still a winning one.

But the question immediately arises: “How to deliver the goods to the buyer?” Mail is expensive, the transport company sends bulky parcels. The point of issue remains. It is unprofitable to organize them in each region, the expenses will exceed the income. Therefore, entrepreneurs are looking for intermediaries who deliver goods to buyers.

Opening a pick-up point
First, register yourself as an individual entrepreneur. Choose partners who do not have points in the city to reduce competitiveness.

How to open the point of issue of orders of online stores
The advantage of business is the minimum of requirements. A room with an area of ​​15-20 square meters is required, it must have cosmetic repairs, a warehouse and an area for issuing to buyers. At the same time, the parcels are not stored for a couple of months, they are disassembled after two or three days.

No advertising required. On the official websites of the stores you cooperate with, information about the points of issue is indicated. The buyer chooses the one he likes.

Choosing a room for an order center
The center for issuing orders will also fit in an office with an area of ​​15 sq. M. The main thing is tosame time, the parcels so that there is enough space for both the parcels and the operator.

For the arrangement, you need: furniture, a computer with the Internet and a cash register. Let’s not forget about the appearance. The signboard, the interior form the opinion of the customers.

Where to rent? In a crowded place, in the central area of ​​the city, so the sign will give a result. Or choose a public place that can be reached from any part of the city.

We are looking for partners and staff
Partners are online stores whose goods are delivered to the point of issue. Select the number of stores, depending on the area of ​​the premises. Not all merchandise may be cleaned at your center.

What product is popular? Cosmetics, appliances, car parts and accessories. But to begin with, do not select a product, try to ensure the flow of orders for all types of products. A cooperation agreement is required. After the conclusion on the official website, a new delivery option with price and conditions will be added.

Which stores to cooperate with? Ozon, WildBerries, Lamoda, Aliexpress, Labyrinth, Faberlik, etc. Consider more than one option, as not everyone is willing to cooperate. Send letters to a couple of dozen stores. The main thing is to draw up a clear text in which to describe all the advantages.

What kind of employees are needed? The command structure is essential to the health of the business. Hire one employee to get started. The staff is obliged to issue orders, draw up documents. When interviewing, consider the personal qualities of the staff – responsibility and honesty.

Even one “jamb” will lead to the closure of the business. Hire experienced candidates. However, do not forget to check the documentation once a month to eliminate risks.

Additional courier service will increase your income. First, try to deliver orders yourself. And when the volume of work increases, hire an employee. Courier salary will not affect income. But it will free up the time that you invest in business development.

How to open the point of issue of orders of online stores
We create a website
For the point of issue, create a “business card” site. When you sign an agreement with partners, you will get access to catalogs. Products are being uploaded to the site. The entrepreneur simultaneously distributes the services of the distribution center and the products of the store, for which he receives bonuses.

If the site has gained momentum, then increase your income. Display products from third-party stores at a premium by creating an online store.

Creation and tracking of the site does not take a lot of effort. A home computer will do. You don’t need to hire programmers or layout designers. There are constructors on the Internet in which you can create a working website without experience. A page on the Internet will lead to potential customers.

We organize transport logistics
For the operation of the point of issue, partnerships must be established not only with stores, but also with transport companies. When choosing a shopping mall, consider the following factors:

• Delivery speed
• Price of services
• Service level
• Quality of work

If delivery is carried out on time, you are satisfied with the cost of services, there were no disputes during cooperation, then the transport company is suitable.

Try to partner with two or three companies. Since it is profitable to deliver one type of product from one, and another type from the second.

Choosing a reliable transport company is a factor that allows a business to function.

After reading all the steps of creating an online store order pick-up point, you made sure that there is nothing complicated. The main thing is to take into account all the points, select personnel, set up cooperation with all parties and do the work conscientiously. Good luck discovering!

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