Growing seedlings as a business
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Growing seedlings as a business

Business: growing seedlings for sale
The seedling business is quite simple, and at the same time quite profitable. The only significant drawback is seasonality. Naturally, on growing seedlings, you will not be able to have a stable income all year round, so you need to take this into account financially in advance.

What seedlings to grow?
If you are not yet experienced enough in gardening or are just starting this activity, then you need to start with those plants that are the least whimsical to care for. The ease of plant propagation will also play a big role. For starters, we advise you to try working with raspberries, gooseberries and currants.

From fruit trees it is beneficial to grow seedlings for cherries, pears, apple trees, apricots, and peaches. But working with such plants requires at least minimal experience in gardening. And if you are attracted to flowers, then consider growing rose seedlings for sale.

Now let’s take a closer look at each of the plant species.

Growing berry seedlings for sale
All berry plants are propagated by cuttings. A stalk is a separate part of a plant’s shoot, or its root. It is necessary to separate the cutting from the plant very carefully so as not to damage its structure. Cuttings of most berry plants are cut throughout the year. A freshly cut stalk must be placed in the water for a very short time, and then put in a container and sent to the greenhouse, where it will develop.

In the greenhouse, planted cuttings should be watered regularly and sprayed as needed. At the beginning of the spring season, cuttings that have already turned into seedlings can be sent for sale. About where and to whom the seedlings can be sold, a little later.

Growing fruit seedlings for sale
If you want to work with fruit trees, you will have to master grafting skills. This is a little more difficult than grafting, which was mentioned above. You will need the seeds of the type of tree that you intend to propagate. For example, this is a pear. Around the middle of winter, we take seeds and place them in a box filled with earth and sawdust. We put the box in a room with a temperature of about 5 degrees Celsius for one week. After that, we water the ground and place the box in another place, the temperature in which will already be slightly above zero degrees.

At the very beginning of spring, seeds can be planted in the ground. As soon as the first sprouts appear, do not forget to water and fertilize them. Plant the seeds with the expectation that there should be a distance of more than one meter between the shoots.

A year later, next spring, the seedlings can be grafted. And next fall, you will already receive a product ready for sale. As you already understood, to start selling fruit seedlings, you will need to wait two whole years. And not just wait, but all this time diligently look after your tree sprouts. Therefore, the business of seedlings of fruit trees is considered quite difficult for untrained people.

Growing pine trees for sale
Trees such as cedar, pine and spruce are among the most sought-after types of seedlings. Growing them is also not easy for a novice gardener. But the demand for them is very high, so do not waste time and immediately start learning the science of growing pine trees. The oldest trees that you can grow, you can sell for a very high price. For example, a cedar or pine tree three meters high can be sold for $ 200-300. And sometimes the cost of such trees can reach $ 500 or more.

If you are interested in growing pine trees for sale, then you will need a considerable area – about 1.5-2 hectares of land. This is the minimum you need to really make money on it. This area is enough to grow 1000 seedlings. And your first sales will appear only after three to four years of caring for the plants.

Growing rose seedlings for sale
Roses are the most beloved flowers of many people. This is a kind of “floral” classic that will never lose its relevance. Roses of any kind are very easy to sell for almost any price. Therefore, deciding to start growing seedlings of these particular flowers, you will make the right choice.

There are many types of propagation of roses, but the most convenient and common of them is the same cuttings. First you need to cut the cuttings of the roses so that each of them has several leaves with buds. The best cuttings are obtained from the middle of the stem. The resulting cuttings should be immediately placed in a container with cool water.

seedlings for sale
Next, we need to prepare the soil for planting cuttings. Choose a place on your site that is convenient for you to care for the plants. This should be an area open to the sun. If your climate is too hot, then it is worth planting the cuttings where a small shade will protect them. The soil in which the cuttings will be planted must first be fertilized.

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