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Wind tunnel as a business

What is a wind tunnel
A wind tunnel is an attraction that can often be found in major amusement parks around the world. The essence of the entertainment is that after falling into the pipe, a person feels weightlessness. A strong air flow and a special aerodynamic shape of the tube allows you to literally float in the air and get unforgettable emotions from it. Professionals can hover in the air, imitate the feeling of a parachute jump, and perform complex acrobatic stunts. For a beginner, these are just new emotions that they have never felt before.

What is a wind tunnel
The feeling of free flight (3-5 minutes) from a 4-10-meter height is the most important, final stage of the attraction. The first step is to instruct and change into equipment. Then there will be a test flight (a few seconds), ensuring the adaptation of the organism. In order to avoid unforeseen situations, people with a weight of 25-120 kg are allowed into the wind tunnel.

Each client can count on medical assistance and a flight at any rate:

two-minute introductory;
ten minute;
for corporate clients – half an hour for a group of 6-9 people;
an hour without an instructor (for professional athletes).
The popularity of the wind tunnel on the market is based on its novelty. Such an attraction can be installed in an amusement park or even a shopping center. It will provide completely new emotions, attraction can an adrenaline rush, a lot of unforgettable emotions – therefore, the client is satisfied. And this is the basis of success, because a satisfied client will recommend your service and bring his friends, family and friends. The main thing here is to competently approach advertising and choose the correct location for your attraction.

Read also how to open a climbing wall.
Who is attracted by the air tube
Air provides a falling speed of up to 200 km / h. An effect similar to a parachute jump is achieved due to the high power engine and propeller. This kind of action especially attracts young people and corporate clients looking for adventure. By the way, the wind tunnel can be used not only as an attraction and a platform for corporate events. This unit also acts as a trainer for professional athletes.

So, your target audience:

youth seeking thrills;
corporate clients looking for non-trivial ways of entertainment;
professional athletes.
Features of the industry
The air tube makes it possible to enjoy sports such as kiting, rope jumping, snowboarding skating, etc. The concept of a business based on extreme entertainment is to maximize accessibility to a wide range of stakeholders.

The following facts speak in favor of business:

the ability to fit into any recreation area;
complete safety;
a bouquet of unforgettable sensations, identical to those experienced by parachutists;
affordable price of visiting the attraction (400-600 rubles).
How much does a wind tunnel cost
Mobile versions can be bought from 1 million rubles, professional equipment costs up to 30 million. The fan motor can wear out after three thousand hours of operation, so it is better not to save money and not to buy used wind tunnels. The sufficient height of the structure is 4-5 meters, the diameter is 2.2-3 meters; additionally, it is necessary to equip a protective fence and mats in case of a fall.

Wind tunnel cost
The equipment differs in many parameters:

the complexity of installation;
fuel used (diesel, electricity);
service cost, etc.
The goal is of decisive importance here. For example, a paratrooper trainer requires high power and is expensive.
The price of a wind tunnel also depends on the country of the manufacturer:

domestic products, cost about 4 million rubles;
Chinese equipment is the cheapest;
Germany, Czech Republic. Equipment from these countries is of high quality, but expensive;
Belarus. Price from 3.5 million rubles.
Where should the wind tunnel be located
The more customers, the more revenue, so you need to place such an attraction in a walk-through place. This can be an open area or an enclosed space. A large shopping mall is a great option for a wind tunnel: there are many potential customers here. Many people come to the mall not for shopping, but for an interesting vacation to while away their day off.

Your service will be a great option for meeting the client’s needs for entertainment and new emotions. To install a wind tunnel, an area of ​​about 30 square meters is needed. meters.

The pipe itself and all the necessary equipment does not take up so much space, which is quite enough in a large shopping center. If there is not enough space, consider amusement parks: there probably are no competitors to the wind tunnel yet. When you have found a place, you need to conclude a contract for the installation of your attraction.

Description of the services provided
Description of the services provided
The use of the attraction includes three stages:

The client receives instructions and changes into special clothing.

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