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Самая актуальная информация granite stone на сайте.
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How to open a sports bar

Sport has always brought people together. And not only those who are engaged in it, but also those who support their favorite sports teams. Sports bars are just the place where sports fans and fans will gather in order to watch matches, cheer together and chat with “like-minded people”. Sports bars in the CIS countries have appeared relatively recently, but have already become quite popular, especially among young people.
How to open a sports bar from scratch
Let’s take a step-by-step look at what needs to be done to get from the point “I have a cool idea” to the point “I have a profitable business”.

Analyzing the market
Just like that, it will be very short-sighted to take and open a sports bar anywhere and for just anyone. Firstly, such an establishment is quite specific. On the one hand, this is a catering establishment. But it doesn’t really look like a restaurant. On the other hand, it is something like a hobby club. But to call him as such, too, somehow the language will not turn.

It is very important to understand your target audience. After all, you will create an institution just for them. Visitors to sports bars are usually a young audience (mostly guys) who do not have much money, but they can quite afford to drink a glass or two of beer while playing their favorite team. With the help of market analysis, you should find out how much sports is developed in your city and how many people are interested in it. Are there any sports clubs, large sections, etc.

You also need to research the market for competitors. Are there any other sports bars? If so, where are they located, what is their pricing policy, what is their concept, how popular they are, etc.

Thinking over the concept
For your sports bar to truly become a fan favorite, it needs to be properly presented. If you just open a regular cafe, put several plasma TVs in it and turn on a sports channel on them – this will not be a sports bar yet. Think over everything to the smallest detail: the interior on a sports theme, the appropriate uniform of employees, sports events, the ability to watch sports events by whole companies, and so on. You yourself will have to plunge into the sports world. Follow sports events and broadcast all high and low profile sports events. It’s great if you also sell sports souvenirs and symbols. Or maybe you will give a small gift to everyone who places an order for a certain amount or guesses the score of the match?

Finding a place
There are many options for placing a sports bar. You can open it in the city center. It will be expensive, but it will provide you with a steady stream of customers. On the outskirts of the city – it is also possible, but only if it is a densely populated area. A great option is nearby entertainment centers or office buildings. But be sure to research the area for competitors. Opening your own next to already successfully operating sports bars will most likely be unpromising. You, of course, can take a risk, but then your establishment in all respects should be 3, 5, 10 times better than your competitor.

A large space for a sports bar will be required – about 200 square meters. This is not a cozy cafe for romantic get-togethers. Noisy and large companies will come to the sports bar, so they should have a place to “roam”.

We develop a menu
The sports bar menu should contain a variety of alcoholic drinks. Many types of beer are required, as this drink is especially loved by sports fans. And, accordingly, an appetizer. Do not put high prices on food, it is better to drive by selling drinks. They will be bought in any case, and if the snack is quite cheap, it will play a positive role in the eyes of the client.

We buy equipment
Apart from the broadcast of sports events, the rest of the sports bar is a cafe. Therefore, the hall for visitors should have tables, preferably of different sizes, so that there is room for both a small and a large company. Actually, the bar counter – you can’t do without it either. Make the counter long enough so that visitors can also sit behind it.

The most important point in hardware is televisions. It is clear that they must be of high quality and expensive. Think carefully about their correct location, perhaps even hire a consultant on this matter. TVs must be sized to match the viewing distance. That is, of course, TVs with a large diagonal will be the priority, however, if they are located very close to the tables, it will be uncomfortable to watch them.

Make sure that absolutely every footprint has a good view of at least one of the screens. You will broadcast sports events live from the Internet. Get the support of a super reliable internet service provider. Can you imagine how angry your clients will be if the broadcast fails in the middle of an important match? Probably better not to think about it.

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